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About the Company
Sevco has been operating in the market since September 1992 and currently is one of the leading distributors in Russia with Moscow-based head office.

The Company's key specialization is importing and distributing of food products across Russia. Sevco have established long-term business relationship with customers in more than 40 Russian cities, including Kaliningrad, Sochi, Krasnodar, Perm and Vladivistok. Currently Sevco offer over 4000 quality food items from more than 160 Russian and international manufacturers.

Among our Moscow customers "Auchan", "Metro Cash&Carry", "Real", "Ramstore", "7th Continent", "Perekrestok", "Stockmann", "MosMart", "Pyaterochka", "Diksi", "Magnolia", "Karusel", "Bahetle", "ABK", "Samohval", "Paterson", "Billa", "Spar" and more then 600 other retail, wholesale and Horeca accounts.

Sevco's marketing professionals have succeeded in developing a balanced product portfolio, which includes, on one hand, a number of famous Russian and international brands and, on another hand, less popular brands with a strong growth potential. Many of them are being distributed on exclusive basis. We are constantly updating and revising our assortment, analyzing new market trends and looking for new niches in the food market striving to make our product range attractive for our customers.

Among the brands we exclusively distribute in Russia: "Milford", "Messsmer", "Whittard", "Carbonel", "Carapelli", "Leonero", "Gartenz", "Saarioinen", "Sempio", "Hawesta", "Alax", "Abba ", "Schneekoppe", "Maitre de The" and "Kenika".

We also offer the products of weellknown brands: "Valio", "Paulig", "Akmalko", "Heinz", "Raisio", "Bruggen", "Bisca", "Fruge", "Ratibor", "Abrico", "Chumak", "Veres", "Ekoprodуkt", "Akzo-Nobel", "Friesland", "Laima", "Stork" and many other well-known brands.

Sevco has a developed multi-level infrastructure, which allows us to offer high service level to our customers on all stages, from automated order placement to on-time delivery. In order to satisfy the needs of Horeca customers, we offer them a special product range in convenient packaging.

Also, our Company collaborates in a close partnership with a number of well-known international suppliers of modern loading and warehousing equipment. We offer all kinds of "CATERPILLAR" loaders: electrical, diesel, petrol and gas; electrical and mechanical pillars and carriages produced by "ROCLA" (Finland); elevating tables, transfer bridges and gates of the Finnish companies "Roltex" and "Mesvac"; racks produced by "Constructor". All offered equipment has warrantee and post-warrantee service. We also offer complex logistic service, which includes designing of a warehouse, elaborating of its technological processes, analysis of its technical needs, supply and installation of a warehousing equipment. Also, we supply high-quality strengthening coverings for concrete floors.

We sincerely thank you for having visited our web site and we hope the information presented herein will be of your interest and we look forward to see you among our partners.


vlad.17, Kantemirovskaya Str., Moscow
(subway station "Kantemirovskaya")

tel: (+7 495) 937-8833
fax: (+7 495) 937-8834

We work on Monday ... Friday
from 09.00 till 18.00 (GMT + 03.00)

Loaders, Stack Loader, Jack-lifts, Racks
Korovinskoye shosse, 35, Moscow

tel: (+7 495) 937-8832
fax: (+7 495) 937-8831

We work on Monday ... Friday
from 09.00 till 18.00 (GMT + 03.00)

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